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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Testing Proffesional Diving Watch - Citizen JV0055

Testing Citizen Proffesional Diving watch JV0055 into swimming pool.

Maybe this is not her tru environment instead of land of sea, but here I show you how this watch works..

I put this Citizen Diving watch into a water then automaticaly icon start diving begin to show.
Then I put it at the base of the pool, deep about 1,2 meters... watch begin to measure how deep dive, show the water temperature in Celcius (can be set in Fahrenheit) and show how long the diver under the water... And also show date, month and time when diving action.

So when the watch or the diver comes up, automatically all measurement save in a log history..

The result was 1,2 meters deep in water temperature 30,3 degree of Celcius and 5 minutes and 3 seconds dive....